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Holy shit I forgot about tumblr


Aziz Ansari - Marriage is an Insane a Proposal

Here’s a clip from my new standup special Buried Alive. It debuts on Netflix on Nov 1.

here’s a demo for a song that is gonna be on the record i will eventually release to imaginary listeners. recorded about a year ago. soundcloud always fucks with the quality ahhhhhhhhhh

you are in your early 20s and the doctor told you that “you are drinking too much diet coke and not enough water” so you had to get an app to remind you to hydrate?

what the fuck is wrong with people

Select the control and then insert the token
You wanna throw me away but I’m not broken.
You’ve got a lot to say. Well I’m not joking.
There are some words they don’t allow to be spoken.
Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being

Lipstick Vogue by Elvis Costello





Disney Channel Original Movies 1996-1999



this 15 second video changed my life

it is so nice to finally have a rough copy of this album so i can sorta gauge what the sound is. seems weird that i am unsure of my own sound, but writing/recording every single part of six songs is a bit overwhelming. the fictional audience in my head thinks it is pretty cool.

i played the original demo of “bummer summer” to my brother a couple months ago and he said “it is really grinding…like it never resolves” and i think that song is really melodic and sorta poppy so ??

handsome pete stormer told me it needed a pre-chorus and i thought

fuck pre-choruses

anyways, if you are one of three people who read that old blog that was like “i’m gonna have an album by my birthday”-i know it is past my birthday but i am finishing up that which i asked fictional Internet people to hold me accountable.

i’m well and yourself?
do not die